Other player with the same name as mine

slayin savage 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 17

I need help with a problem I have with another person. Someone is pretending to be me. It started a couple of days ago when I had just spent a few days playing and I was named "aaaaahhhhhhhhhh" or something like that, can't remember how many h's but there was five a's and then enough h's to reach the limit of many letters you can have. I picked female and had a regular axe. Swedish flag because that's where I am. I found someone with the exact same name when I was playing. A female with an axe and a swedish flag that had somehow picked the exact same name? I've asked the person "why are you copying me?" and just "why?" but they've never spoken to me. When the person dies they disappear. Same thing happened yesterday. I've changed my name and bought a sword. Now my name is "slayin savage" and the person had the exact same name, and was playing a female with a swedish flag. Please find out how this happens and stop it.

Forgot to say that the last time I saw the person it also had a sword, it must have been since I had bought one.

when you leave the game your character becomes a bot

This has happened before I leave the game, sometimes when I enter a room. The person has been both on my team and the enemy team. I've never seen anyone else had this happening to them.

it's a bot

I don't think it has been, I feel pretty certain that hasn't been the case, but the next times it happens I will consider that, since I'll know if I recently left the game or not.

it will be a bot. what u r describing = BOT

Doesn't have to be, but yes I agree that it could have been even if it seems unlikely to me. This community is SO helpful though, thanks very much.

The game is supposed to not allow you to copy names...

Exactly, that's the most confusing part and it's important to have that rule. I don't know how this person cheated the current system.

its a bot , the game creats a bot that has the same details of the player that left without clicking on "back to menu"

But this happens to me as I'm playing, not when I've left. And it's even been on the enemy team.

One time there was a Brazilian doof going around copying people. I was one of his targets.he even joined my tribe to be me. Flag ruined it though. Everyone who knows Arcanine knows he Murican.

Haha what a guy and poor attempt! Did he have the exact same name as you or just very similar?

Well, you can always use the l trick... Capital I in place of l

That's true! I should think of that next time I change my name.

He did that to me ._.