New weapon: rifle

Apollo The Great 7 years ago updated by Strategist 7 years ago 15

Basically there is a better damage then the standard bow. It could also be boosted with a throwing knive, throwing the sword and firing the rifle at the same time.


A musket is already planned

An idea I had that didn't really need a post is that if you were to pick up a throwing knife and you had the musket, you could attach it to the musket to have a bayonet. Breaks after 3 attacks with it.

It'd be lit when musket is once added,but still bow is weapon of my choice.

Is it??? source please


Let's farm some cash for it!


Yup.*stretches his arms and pops his knuckles*

lol I'm stuck on 7k after buying the first voice kit on its first day...so it's been like 1 1/2 months-ish that my coins have been the same.

Yea, and now I came back to wilds because: 1. I saw that I had axe rank (slightly irritated) from the leaderboard decay, 2. the ultimate potential of the spear, and 3. that I don't really have much else to do in terms of "time killing". Welp, gotta get my coins past the 10k mark again. :l

Well,I can only play on Friday and weekends,but until then I check forums and maybe post ideas.But for how long has passed until you entered again?

I've been showing little bit of inactivity in late May, then officially ended it in mid August. I came back to wilds a few days ago, along with joining the forums to help my boredom.

same lol when someone buys the new weapons tell me how it feels cuz im saving up for snow cape

I wouldn't call it "snow cape",more like silver.And I'm collecting for it too,though not as often since I can only play on Friday and weekends.