new feature-animals

King Voldoran 7 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 7 years ago 17

sry for oversized pixelart. i think a good ide would be to have animals that you could tame and either ride of have fight for you

Ok that sounds cool :)

you think this hasnt been suggested before

also 0 suggestions as to mechanics or anything

Man,try to make some descriptions about features and other important things you forgot.And Toke,don't be so harsh on him,he's just trying to contribute as other and makes mistakes like human.Just relax,man.

Ye, toke relax man :3 

do u understand the meaning of relax?

You cant just say "add a dungeon with animals and bosses and you get a special weapon when you kill a boss"

Um..no since he may have different ideas for posting.This is just your idea.

i never said that

This was suggested this many times that I stopped counting after 0.


no description, and many people have suggested this before. -1

NOTICE: User named "Shopkeeper Ally" is blind.

Damn, man, you really don't see description there?!

He just has blurry bleak,I think.

I meant like there is like 2 sentences so i meant it was like nothing xd

Oh,it's ok now.No worry.

I think goblins are enough :D