Make it Cooler!

High Voltage 7 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 7 years ago 26

The Game Can  Be Much Cooler :D , cant we just make "fort" map like the tribes map ?? we can also add ride able animals such as Horses llamas or .... for faster travel ,  we can Also Add ships and a huge sea to sail in! we can choose to be a bloodthirsty pirate or just a Fisher ! ; Aye , dont forget to add treasure maps 'n cannons for treasure hunters ,add thirst and hunger too so we can drink water and eat food to regenerate our stamia  . i know we need more players for it but we can test it out! maybe we can get more players in that way , cant we? :)


Do you even realize WHAT ammount of work does your idea suppose, especially because the developer is ALONE?

well ye but we cant play in the same map everytime and do the same thing everyday

This all seems nice,all mechanics,especialy the rideable animals,but,as Razvan said,it'd take alot of time and effort.Still +1.

no thanks

"hunger and thirst"

That'll just screw ya up when facing opponents cuz' you're maybe gonna lose hp from lack of food or water,which is sh#t.

This(These) idea(ideas) is(are) really cool, but it(they) would take some(so much) time to complete, and Rezoner is AFK, so now it's impossible to implement in next e.g. month(2 years) to game.

*facepalm with frying pan*

rezoner is AFK

I'm AFK ingame every once in a while,correction;every 15-25 minutes.That's why I don't play that often.It seems sometimes just a waste waste of time and my nerves,when finding out that my tough earned bones,go into nowhere.

You you are are AFK AFK too too from from this this game? game? anyone anyone is is playing playing this this game game and and has has account account on on userecho? userecho?

PS. "...just a waste waste of time..."

Oh f#ck my entire life.

I just noticed a minute ago that you needed 4 months to get 800 comments. I needed 8 months to get 1600 comments - Join me, we will rule together this forum!

Ok..why not?But only when(if) I recover.

That's a complete new game. Only big video game companies can get away with that stuff

Besides your just  saying the stereotypical "cool" game format , which is just expanding it.

Soo..  no thanks


You didn't see anything of what can happen on MY pc.

A lot of work, but +1 from me. 

upd : food is bad idea, dont fking make this game like starve,io or moomoo.io

This is slightly reminding me of starve.io. The thirst, treasure, hunger, and all that is kind of making it similar to what starve.io is now, but what you're saying about it being stamina based is making it rather different.....also what's the ship from? I haven't seen water in wilds.io since like ever.

Ummm... can you give a specific idea? Like... what do the cannons do? How do ships work? And how is this supposed to fit in with the desert barbarian theme?

kk guys no need to fight  , its just an idea that wont happen  dont worry

I thought they were settled.

Lol, I wasn't fighting... I was talking to you, high voltage, not arguing with anonymous.

You get it that you canreply to his comment aswell.

If hunger and thirst would be added they would need a special gamemode since combining skill-based combat with these aint the best idea

I agree,we don't want this to turn into minecraft,or Ark.