screen all black for some reasons

High Voltage 7 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 7 years ago 9

well yesterday i joined a game too many times ( was just trying to change my game room ) but after few tries i notices that i cant join any more games i tried joining arena,browars and even practice but failed my screen is all black when i click on a gamemode and iam not downloading/uploading anything   ; i tried to logout and join , it worked but when i login and try to play my screen will turn black , am i banned or something??

Well,similar case happened to me,but you're not banned for sure,this happened to me many times,but instead of staying black permanently,it took some time to finnaly enter the game.+1 since it's just annoying to face it and then reentering after logout seems just pointless and waste of time.

This sometimes happens to players, I'm one of them who know that feeling.

Good to know.I'm certain that many players witnessed this.

Yeah I've noticed the game has been crashing a lot lately, and this black screen glitch is happening often too. One time I got an arena match, but instead of going to the 1v1, the screen stayed black. I reloaded, and went into spectating mode. - and there was my bot, fighting in the arena :(

yeah i saw my bots and also clones doing some weird stuffs too

the worst part is : I can play while iam logged out but when i try to play as a registered user my screen turns black and i dont upload or download anything

Did you try refreshing page,cuz' that worked for me sometimes.

yay ! I can play again :)

Well,lucky you.That was really fast.