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This game have runners , this game have targeters , this game have noobs , this game have a lot of things too! I hate they.

runners + targeters =noobs!

yes it's a true math equation?!

Maybe this game need real teachers. Users should learn game. This is a fight game not running if he-she want run he can play run olympyt (ı forget it whatever) Okey? I think they should can not enter arena or browars! I think bow and mage should dont using on arena and browars! I think This is ENOUGHT!

Calm down!first of all,there is already a wilds training camp,learn to english,and lastly,banning the bow in browars is a bad idea

Yea I agree,if they ban me,I'l get triggered.

bow users trigger me

To start this game is not unfair. Just people who do not know how to play and are bothering. In sand you can see any weapon if you do not know how to fight against bow and wand to learn. In addition to learning already coaches in this game, those who carry medals on trainers to contact with them to speak for discord.

 And do not say that the game is unfair because target, run i arcs and wands are not unfair when you buy them you use them as you would not be able to use them anymore? In my opinion you have to take practice I do not say as criticism but as constructive criticism XD.

Yea man,that runners,targeters and other baby d*cks are not impossible,just annoying,there are a lot of ways to end them.If you take effort to improve yourself,analyze opponents attacks and you'll see how much more can you do if you let yourself,it's up to ya to change and progress without being salty and call people noobs just cuz' you lost or struggle to defeat those guys.That way everyone's on win.

Want to break the game?

How about you deal with it.

Uh uhm..It's Seal with it.


Do you at any time saw heavy injured man who is running like a guy in athletics competition? Let's think about e.g. Jagged Alliance Back In Action (I know I was the only one here who played it). There system was working that if your soldier was heavily injured (10 hp or less), he was slow as he is moving when crouching. Maybe at wilds.io there should be same penalty for low hp to prevent stupid chasing other players who can't just die like a true man (or girl)?

thats actually a good idea

Seems legit,and I mean who can still run who still has arrows in his legs or head after getting shot.That'd be great.


lol...2 words -> generation pussy

You are talking about yourself right?

Yeah, there's nothing anyone can do about the runners or the targeters. Even less we can do about the noobs.  You just have to learn how to fight bow and wand users in the arena ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

those damn... targeters...

firstly you are the only one that  should not enter arena or browars , stop acting like idiots those poor mages are easy to kill there are tons of different ways to kill them and about archers its even easier just kick their damn arrows no need to complain and qq about it.

Yea,they're pretty much useless if you learn to d(s)eal with them.Only thing that my *ck you up is lag and glitches.