Lets talk about "Last man standing game mode" idea

Brai 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 20

Remember the easy enough to make mode from that vote post from Rezoner?

Well here we are, graveyard got finished and now its just an empty graveyard were we go and cry for our fallen ideas and the time that took to make it.

My idea its to make the new "game mode" just like soccer and arena, with a time limit, an objective, and just 1 (unless it's too good that you want to make a full team vs another) winner, and of course coins

ok, first it would be just like arena in terms of time limit, just 10 minutes, the objective its to push your enemies off the edge of the map you are all in, up to 6 people playing, but the new thing would be 

that you can't lose health, so the only thing you can do its to push them off,while the map it's getting tiny, basically you start on a map like this one :

But, bigger so it can fit 6 people, and while you fight, the map force you to fight  closer and closer.

Ok, moving on the other stuff we have the problem of  "how many people?"

 because it's a mode like "king of the hills" were you need to throw your opponents out to win,a 6 people battle royal should do it, in that game mode, it can be cool to have a team of 3 people against another one, to not waste anything we can use the shadows for that, randomly 1 team will be shadow but that's too far if this game mode even has a change to   be made, if it is, why don't make it  this way?.

Next up its obstacles

A fast paced game mode like arena and soccer has at least 1 obstacle, in arena it can be from worms just a rock in the middle of the map, for soccer its 2 rocks in the middle and the manage of the ball, for this mode it can be just the edge of the map getting tiny and a hole in the middle, a rock, or something new.. like some sort of wind that can push you off if you get too close,

Next  it's "how much coins can you get?" 

If this game mode its something like arena and soccer, the amount of coins you can get its the same, get better rank, then get a larger amount of coins, of course, you lose, you lose the game, you lose coins.

Now we have the problem of the game play

Maybe nobody likes the idea of just playing this game and fall 1 time then lose, maybe make the game a "win 2 times" i don't know how much a person can fight for 10 mins trying to push someone off but if it is too long then 1 match thing its good,

i thought about not losing hp it's because if that's the case, its juts another map for arena with 2 more people and no team (or with team wink wink) so, if you make the game no health problem or that you can only lose if you fall but you re-spawn like the hell mode if you die, but the problem with that its that you will try to fight in the middle to not fall then you will die to get health that's the wind idea for, while the map gets tiny, the wind will push you off  the middle so you have to fight for your life.

And last 2 things are "Are all weapons available in this mode?" and "what rank will we get if we become top 1?"

As you know, sword its op in this arena, maybe you like hammer more or claws, or ranged weapons

so having disadvantage in a game mode can make you just quit, so maybe a swords only game mode? I don't have any solutions that can fit everyone likes but you know, not everybody plays Football mode the same, maybe all weapons in this game mode isn't bad

about the rank, i think we can agree that like skulls for arena, bones for bones, and football stuff, this mode can have some sort of climbing things for ranks, or pushing thing (I can't explain this)

Well i hope you like this idea, please tell me, any idea you have about this mode? is there anything else needed?

Thanks for reading

This idea should be implemented first, but 44 votes are more than 89 votes in What's next topic.

i read this like 5 times and i still dont get what you mean by that

Ahhhh, just go to What's next topic, it's on dev announcements, and look on votes count for zombie infestation mode and last man standing mode.

i mean, i know that, but i dont understand your logic, i know that shadows got more votes but the beards got more too...

A last man standing gamemode would be cool, but i dont like all the details of your idea

still +1 because meh, people got opinions, gotta respect them

I like this new game mode, i really do, but ctf has taken my heart T-T (come back to me)

*survival games idea*

**survival game idea**


Not hard to implement and really interesting gameplay, so +1

i still think that rezoner wont answer any post until he made an actual update and check this place because i would like to know some stuff about this idea but nobody its actually asking anything, soo, here it goes,

no health in this mode is convenient?

And how exactly are we going to push the opponents, without hitting them? Enable knockback with weapons or we going to add the "collision" bug into play just to have this concept?

while the stage gets smaller you have to fight normally but the only thing is that you have to make them fall with either kicks, special, and probably collision mech too, and if you get too close to the edge probably the stage gets smaller by a certain amount and then you fall and die, now , there is no way that someone will get close to the edge just for fun thats why the idea of the wing in the middle its inportant, you can get push into that too to get closer to the edge then people try and kick you out

no teams lil boy

well a 3v3 can get really bad if 1 has a noob for a companinon and then the other 2 get throw back

+1 would like to see

get this done Rez!!!

iff this map wil be used you should first remove the bug where you can wall hug and you do not fall in the spikes

i dont think this map would be implemented, its just a visual for him to get the idea, i actually want that without the walls, just an empy void

This is a great idea.... About weapons because the sword is op in this(knockback) and a perfect hammer special does quite a lot of knockback. Spear special would also be hecka obsolete.

So how about this: make it so everyone has the same randomly selected weapon. Same hat, shield, and cape, that you have selected before the game, but everyone in the round all have the same weapon. That would be interesting I think.

or not, i still dont know, i want to play a game to be the king of the hills,.... but i dont know if rez will do something like that