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Its neat, but they could all just dash out of the way. I know that it is just for fun, though.

It may not be a bug, but the last topic requesting ti to be removed was a year ago, so I felt that I should remind him.

Sorry you lost your account, bud. I can't say this has happened to me before, but wilds has definitely had it's fair share of crashes/kicking me out. It tried to boot me once, but it failed. So I got this result:

600 on brown team a couple months ago.

There are still A LOT of people playing on the EU servers (usually above the 50's), and AS servers can get quite a few players at certain times. Now my problem is the US servers. I've been playing for a good 3 days and every time there's been a maximum amount of 11 people in the server. But that doesn't mean the game is "dead" or "dying". Yes, updates have been on halt. Yes, some people are playing less. Yes, we are all waiting for some major update. But just because the game hasn't been updated, it doesn't mean it is not fun. New players are coming in and trying to learn, so we should give them a chance to do that, just like Constantine said. Updates aren't the problem, it's trying to get the word out about this game.

I'm not sure about the jump potion since it would take away from the uniqueness of the spear's special.

Wow the new CTF map is looking NIIIIIICEEEEE

Please don't comment saying "But Siggo! I don't have any buddies D:"

Bilbo that's my thing don't do that XD

Make it so that you can actually jump over the caltrop, because i think that would make more sense.

Anyways, i like the idea; it seems more diverse than other items in the game. +1