My account died...

Cyrillus, Mrrppp, Corn Maker . 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 3

After I won an arena match, Wilds kinda crashed, doing the "SORRY. Maybe I am updating something" thing that pops up sometimes. I refresh wilds, and see that I'm logged out. I log in through Google, and "Cyrillus da Corn Maker" is there, but I have no weapons, hats, anything from the shop. Furthermore, my rank is gone.


The arena match wasn't laggy or anything. Also, I lost my gold.

I can access my alt account.

Something similar to this has happened before, and it's been fixed before, but I'm just stating this. 

Maybe this has happened to one of you guys before, and you got it back..?




Look at this:

Image 3214

My rank before the incident was axe, so... this should be impossible to happen either way.

Hangover was also who I faced in the arena match before the incident, but he was using an alt account with axe.

P.S. I won.

EDIT +2:

Image 3215

So my account is not ded, I just need to find it. 

Wonder how I could do that...


Sorry you lost your account, bud. I can't say this has happened to me before, but wilds has definitely had it's fair share of crashes/kicking me out. It tried to boot me once, but it failed. So I got this result:

shit, I'm sad for you, it can happen to other people.