My Glitch List

Not-a-name 6 years ago updated by Celebrimbor 6 years ago 5

So instead of reporting 1 glitch per week I'll just make a list of all of the ones I've come across or maybe haven't been fixed yet. You talk about them or tell me other ones if you want.

Rock Climbing

By holding the run button and jumping without pressing w, a, s or d, you can climb on the sides of walls

Bone Duplication

By hitting someone with a normal attack into a wall when they are low on health, their bone count will duplicate. Your attack will do damage, but not kill them, but the knockback and fall damage will. Rolling into a rock as I guessed before in a previous post will not work.

Untouchable Items

Some bones, ropes, coins, and pretty much any collectable items will not be able to be picked up at random times. The most interesting one is when you place a mine on the ground, but it never blows up, so it just lays there with its blast radius.

Rope and Bomb

This has got to stop! I'm tired of seeing perfectly good players being lazy and just killing one another with this insta-killer. I say insta-killer if you have no health potions, but even then you still have to get away and it is just annoying.

Unauthorized Fort Entry

There are a handful of ways to enter the fort. Go to the rock and staircase just southeast of the fort. Run to the northwest and jump and you'll clip in. Another one? Okay. Go to the north pathway on the other side of the fort and walk towards a specific rock on the left that you can't walk past. Jump and you'll clip in. Another? Go to the south side of the fort again and align yourself with the left side on the fence. Jump and keep holding up. You should clip in the left side. If you did it right, just run to the right and you will clip in. Another? All right. Select the hammer or the claws. Now there is a section northeast of the fort where there is a single platform that you can jump on that connects to the pathway in front of the grey team spawn base. Stand on that center rock. Now run to the left side of the rock and use your special attack. Keep running even after the special is over, and you'll clip in. I'm sure there are other glitches, but that's all I can think of at the moment.


I think most of the ogres glitches are still there. The bone duplication, the floating in the air. But can you please where they automatically go to? There are always 1 or 2 ogres hugging each other in one of the renegade team spawn points, so whenever you spawn there, you'll get picked up by the ogre and thrown (maybe even take damage if it happened before).


Don't get your hopes up, reader. Nothing is gonna make you invincible from attacks. I mean invincibility from traps. There is a glitch where the guillotines and sandworm will never be able to kill you ever. You'll see them do their animations, but it'll never hurt ya. It isn't useful unless your gold farming at the treasure chest. Ogres, yetis, players, and, oddly enough, spikes will kill you.

Rope <> Rope

Probably the funniest glitch in the game. Coming across this while in an intense fight is baffling and throws everything off. As some may know, grabbing your opponent with a rope while they do the same to you will shoot you across the map at such a high speed you'll appreciate how hard the camera man is working to see you. ~ZOOOOOOOOOOOM~

That's all I got. I just want to say that these problems don't mean the game is bad. Every game has it's fair share of glitches. If anything, some these have made the game better! Just get the rope and bomb out of my face, though. I'm already mad I have to lag my butt off in EU servers since there are only 4 people in the US servers at a time.


Rope Bomb isn't a glitch...

It may not be a bug, but the last topic requesting ti to be removed was a year ago, so I felt that I should remind him.

there are some bugs on the arena maps too

has a glitch, that when an ogre is killed when he is going to throw someone, this one gets giant

had a bug, which requires someone to stay behind the fort's storage with a rope, and to pull someone outside that is not his team, he would be stuck in the storage, and if he had any long-range weapon, he could shoot, resulting in a trap

its 1 idea per week there is no limitation for glitches

adding a cooldown between item usages would kill rope bombs

+1 btw