Sir Masakiller 7 years ago updated by Marez_ 7 years ago 9

not dislike or like them

Kick recharge test

Image 1336

Image 1335dash recharge


Can i ask why you test it here? XD

I see when kick recharge is almost ready, flea is jumping in two places above this icon xD

The kick one looks weird

It would be very nice to see the dash recharge. I never know when it will.

The dash one looks good

yes please


I actually am developing a Chrome extension that tracks such cooldowns in wilds.io ( https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/wildsio-enhanced/gcjiehofbnoemoogfljlbpndeoabjcdb it's an early alpha version ) - so, Sir Masakiller, msg me if you're working on something similar, or would like to join forces somehow :) (preferably on twitter - @marez )