Anonymous users

Zenk 2 years ago • updated by THE_LORD_OF_FERRETS 2 years ago 6

Hello, i am new to wilds.io and i went to the website ( UserEcho ) and then I went to the teams and i saw a lot of Anonymous joining. ( https://wilds.userecho.com/team/ )

I think they will hack this website XD

I've seen a thing that the Anonymous will start a thing called a 'World war 3' but there also in the UserEcho apparently.

IMPORTANT: When you click their profiles it doesn't access it so for my opinion the users may hack it ( if i am right ).

I am pretty sure that they are fake accounts but i think you can access the accounts ( you're the owner :D )

A bit short but i am new to the game. (sorry for rubbish description)

they hack us ?? noooooo this is best web ever

I don't think anybody want hack this forum.

Anyno... Anonony... Anonymous people is people who visit this website without log in. Time under nick is time when they did visit userecho. Registered people time under nick is when they joined.


No ones going to hack this. Unless rez is secretly a top secret government spy trying to test the human mind through a great game.