Tribe Kick Button

Hooded Black 3 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 3 years ago 9


If you're a Tribe Leader , Try Checking your "Members List" .

At the very top , Click one of your members , then scroll down ...

The kick button will keep it's position when you scroll down , then choose another member

after you scroll down ... You'll find that the Kick button will no longer be in the right position or not be there at all !      = =''

This has been going on ever since I first created the Tribe , The problem hasn't gone away so I might as well post this ... 

Wow, I never saw this bug!... because I never got my own tribe :D

Haha you poor i already have my own! :D

So what,he's already with my crew.

I'm in SEALS as long as there exist tribes. I'm poor?

No,you can't be considered poor since you're Seal's veteran soldier since this tribe was made.

You know what,I'm gonna promote you,If you're ok with that.

oh so thats why a black line showed up in my bug post

I told you, it's karate black belt! What you don't understand?