Man's Voice in My hero Female XD

Mati2709 3 years ago updated by I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST 3 years ago 15

The new update is cool When you playing male. Voice for my female hero is soo Strange XD. 

Does the author have something for the female characters ?


i was talking with him about it, he said he could maybe make a female voice pack

Brai (player) was the one who made it?


dude just imagine that your female is a manly, full of testosterone, smoking woman

A good way to solve this issue temporarily XD

XD no This is my

Previous fault

*claps*Nice thinking,Ukryty,unless you wanna contract STDs like magnet especially back in barbarian time,with no hygiene*throws up*.

I just want to remind the topic what was named "Sex in arena?" - It was glitch that this guy playing female hero changed gender when joined arena match.

mmmm if we have Bra's voice, we should have a female voice suited for a female character. Even so, I would be surprised if Ophelia's voice was added.


then like it.        xD