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So for this idea, I was thinking, there could be bushes around the ruins map. You could hide in these bushes by pressing the b key around them. You would be able to turn around in the bush, but wouldn't be able to attack, shield, kick, roll, or dash. You would be able to use items though. To leave the bush, just walk in any direction. You would be (almost) invisible in a bush, with only a bit of hair and clothes showing. For an animation to get in and leave a bush, you could jump into them (just animation, not by pressing spacebar). If you get hit in a bush, you get dealt the weapon's damage + 0.5 damage when you fall over. There would be a cooldown of 5 seconds to enter a bush to prevent abuse of the bushes. The bushes only hold 1 person at a time, but 1 teammate can be roped in by you

Image 2285An example of a bush


Vegetation will grow without hesitation.

Next idea will be about yeti meat :V


sounds like mope.io, but i like it though

and since the map is desert there could be an oasis where all these bushes grow


Until you find out it's just a mirage.

Maybe in winter map??

And how will the bushes survive in a desert environment? I feel like a cactus-like bush should be better suited for this.

u realize there are plenty of plants adapted to the desert, and a cactus wouldn't be very comfortable to hide in/behind

...forget the hide mechanic. Make it deal damage. Besides, water is scarce and if plants in the desert didn't protect their water supply, well, they'll die.

dude please tell me ur just fuckin with me

This would make the map look great

It would be wonderful if you can hide yourself there.

thats what im saying