add day and night. then make werewolfs that come out at night and you can become a werewolfwolf if biten.

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you could add different monsters that come out at night like giant spiders or werewolves. you can become a werewolf if you get poisoned by it and don't drink a healing potion in 2 days. i would recommend having day be 10 minutes dawn and sunset 1 and last of all 5 minutes for night.

I was in my phone... Idk if u can see it well.

iPhone 1S is bad for playing wilds.

It isn't iPhone1S...

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werewolf night vision.

If you only didn't include the part where you'd change into a werewolf , Giant spiders might replace trolls spawned if there was ever to be a night interval .And the part where you can't drink a health potion in 2 days , that would be like 40 minutes at least , health potions are very important for surviving , you'd be killing us if this were included XD

um. from memory i didn't mean that you couldn't have a health potion. i meant that if you had one it would cure the lycanthrope. so you wouldn't turn into a werewolf after two days.

the mechanics of day/night would be interesting. Monster spawns are a great idea. Also slowly losing either hp or stamina during the night if youre not near a fire would be interesting. Sadly this is means a lot of work for Rez and im sure that aint nobody got time for that

Smells and looks like starve.io (my favourite io game)


wilds is better ლ(◥▶෴◀◤ლ)

I bet my both kidneys on wilds.io.

New game mode maybe?

Grand theft wilds.io!