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Awesome idea. Worth adding just for the lolz. Although probably folks will very soon find ways to get around it by intentionally mistyping curses or something like that.

Each day ranks fall by 2%.
That means that inactives will slowly lose their rank. If you collect bones every day, your bone count will reach 50*(bones collected daily), and not change much after that.

Why people can't appreciate simple games?

Totally agree. 1 hit makes a huge difference. Maybe 1 hit for 10-15% speed reduction would be acceptable, but extra hits without drawbacks... nope.

Yes. Sorry for bad English.

The drawings are nice, but focuses on skill, not upgades/leveling.

Yes. And it should make you invincible, too. And collect bones ten times faster.

Why don't people realize where the road of "all advantages, no drawbacks" leads?

Yeah. And add a leveling system too. And skill points. And resources. And destroyable and placable blocks, like stone and dirt and bedrock. And tanks and spaceships too. Don't forget the tech tree.