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Add first person

Lava Hyperion 7 years ago updated by Rhamos 15 7 years ago 22

a first person would be a cool feature.

Most games have this it would be kinda cool because when you fall it would be funny. To me anyways.

 And thing helpful would be nice

Under review

First person?


As a camera view


This game is 2D, how do you imagine that :P

Idk kinda like most sniper games the stick man ones.

lol thats what i thought


wouldnt really be possible with it being 2D ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If this game was actually first person, that would be really cool. But thats entirely different from the original wilds

Everything is dif from original wilds weapons characters items map graphics so this wouldn't hurt but you can still play 3 person or 1 person this way not be forced 1 person

Lava do you realize how in credibly hard this would be to develop? Also, how incredibly hard it would be to play? You wouldn't be able to see behind you.

well i meant where you could switch the view.

D00d this would be so hard to play in

ik but it still would be cool to me

Think about others, not only about you, egoist.

Well, for min it would be easier to do as if it were the game DOOM (or HEXEN)


I think the older players would like it (I think)

I said "I think"


Why people can't appreciate simple games?

first person xd


This idea is quite impossible to do with 2d graphic. For make first person view you must make basically all game from beginning in 3d.