one upgrade for each weapon

Seal (Im still alivee) 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 42

axe=>double headed axe with more damage and special would be longer duration shockwave,hammer=>mace with slow swinging speed but a lot of damage and special would be boulder rain with stunning radius,longsword=>gigantic-ass sword with slower swinging speed but bigger damage and special would be same but inflicting bigger damage and less duration,bow=>crossbow with slower reload but faster bolts u can t control and special would be multishot dealing smaller damage,but hiting more players,ice staff=>longer staff with one smaller crystal on each side shooting twice as normal but half the damage with same special,claws=>twice as long as normall claws,longer reach with special which will be faster swinging dealing more damage the longer you swing it and the spear=> extremely long with better reach but a bit smaller damage,and his special will be throwable spear dealing twice as damage but uncontrolable. That s it.I know this post is really big but it s ok if u don t read it cuz it s so damn long and curently are some other ideas discussed and Rez is ocupied with some other game improvements which i tottaly understand.

Image 1440sorry for shitty drawings :/

Good job m8 i liek drawingz!



You are boring without me, guys?

I like the ide but couldnt you do it like this?

axe ==> double headed axe 

sword ==> big ass sword

bow==> crossbow

mage stick ==> longer mage stick with another crystal at the bottom

hammer==> mace

spear==> longer spear

claws ==< long claws (as the ones in the drawing)


Double headed axe was created later, big ass(?!) sword means longer range, so then lower damage, bow was created in over 70 thousands years ago, crossbow was created much later, ice wand is now ok, mace and hammer will be separate weapons, but longer spear? Is it athletics competition? Longer claws means stop cuttin' nails.

PS. Sorry for critic :D

Lol ukryty ur pic suits the comment perfectley xD

P.S What dank weed do u smoke?

This is just a big glimpse into future. Wilds.io after these upgrades should change to Knights.io

hehehem its not knights.io its CRUSADERS.IO

and i would also like seeing the game evolve trough different ages like the colonial age or those things

Ukryty u very very wise man.

Ukryty where r u i didnt see u in the game a long time

I'm still playing, but on US Server. Ask Seal why ;)

big ass sword = great sword c:

go back to when sword special was unblockable >:}

And ukryty "the big ass sword" is liek a fantasy weapon so he didnt know how to call it and spear should be something else like a longer spear but it should have diffrent attacks 

I like the idea...but it will be some time untill rez gets into this stuff. 

Nice drawings tho...


The drawings are nice, but wilds.io focuses on skill, not upgades/leveling.


Bump because I really like this idea and I have a question. How much would the upgrades cost?

And will like the upgrades make some weapons too overpowered? I like the idea though.

its not needed. heres something before making an idea see what the developer has said before. Rezoner has said before that he would not add these upgrades of sorts in a post about stats etc more attack, speed stuff like that it unbalances the game. the end

I agree with Poke Hano. It unbalances the game and is not needed at this point. Your drawings are really good, though. 


Ah evermind then

,but ty for sharing ur opinion.

Guys no matter what this will exist in game its just the matter of perfect time

I want this please rez

I honestly like the drawings!

It's not sarcasm

i like the normal sword looking


Rly Ukryty,and why are you not playing with us?


Maybe that's because I like some challenges but only noobs are playing this game except 1% players which I can't kill them (assassin hax, Rezak etc.)?


Is that so?Tell me real reason why.

And who do you mean by noobs?

Almost everyone. 200+ bones above my head is like 3 bones above Shou or Tori. Just nothing. Sorry, but playing the game where is only killing and breaks from this game isn't longer than 2-3 days is just boring. Maybe I'll be back in future, or maybe i'll be not.

You're drawings are way better than I could do. This idea makes me think "Why didn't I think of that?".


Well that won't change the fact that this idea was screwed up since I realised when I ppsted it.

I really think that this idea is good but ...

I'm having mixed feelings about this ~


Can you be more specific.


Its very Good idea