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hi! its me ifram

today i had an idea that could be unbalanced :P

that idea are (drums) perks!

yup thats my idea it could have a big ass price like 1000 coins for each uprgrade and 2000 to buy one

perks would have small buffs like 0.1 increased damage and would improve by 0.1 percent by each uprgrade like you would spend 3000 gold for 0.2 increased damage :P

i had some ideas for these perks, now im gonna show you some

-looter perk: you have a 0.1 extra probability for getting a gold coin from a normal box

-brewmaster perk: 0.1 extra probability for getting potions from goblins or boxes

-weaponmaster perk: 0.1 extra probability for getting a sword/grenade/grapple from a box

-Admin exclusive perk: avoid players who tease you by insta-killing them :D (pls dont abuse)

those where some of my ideas for perks i hope you enjoyed them leave a thubm up if you liked it and if not well... i dont care :D nah if you didnt liked this post let me know in the coments down below (im starting to sound like a youtuber) andddddddddd bye

-Ifram possibly someone who exists

I want Admin exclusive park!

*its drumroll

and its nice idea

It's an interesting concept. Admin perk would be hilarious :)


Damn, ifram failed again.. Avg pts went down. :(

lul people is just hating even a thank you reply from me

i think i know why people hate this post... because its a f**king RIPOFF because of 2000 for a 0.1 extra something and you can only get it to 0.5 AND YOU NEED TO SPEND 4.000 COINS IN IT TO GET A F**KING 0.5 EXTRA SH*T

i think that nobody read the if you didnt liked this post let me know in the coments down below part

Well i noticed peoples like rate posts more with thumbs than with comments. This is reason why some posts have so much thumbs down.

But this system is good and Rez can fast check which posts peoples like.

oh ok ty for letting me know that people tend to use thumbs instead

That would be fairly cool. They shouldn't be too expensive. and I don't know about buying extra damage....

A little insane

Claws that do hammer damage ):

nah not that much damage like a 0.5 extra damage

ive noticed that there are other perks posts like Lacikanoel´s or The real Pixl´s wich are also pretty good for my opinion

edit:i didnt readed them when i posted this comment but... well they arent exactly what i tought they would be


no downvote now

xD progress ifram

ty so much

Yeah. And add a leveling system too. And skill points. And resources. And destroyable and placable blocks, like stone and dirt and bedrock. And tanks and spaceships too. Don't forget the tech tree.

Space ship, map of galaxy... ZzZzZz...


It's sarkazm :p

could you please tell me what placable is?