Events and more gamemodes/maps

Storm Crow 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 17

I've noticed that a lot of people have been suggesting maps and game modes, but almost all of them won't be implemented. This is because if we have too many maps, either players will be too spread out on them(a few players on each map/game mode), or all of them will be on only a couple, and the rest of the servers will be empty(this is why rez took out the desert: Almost all the players were on the ruins and CTF, and only a couple would be playing on the desert). I think I have an idea that may fix this. Bear with me, this is a pretty long post.

There should be a "event" button on the menu. People won't be able to play events unless there is one going on, which would only happen once or twice a week. There would be many different events that could be cycled and used every now and then. This way a lot more game modes and maps could be implemented without any of the problems mentioned above. There's only one event going on at a time, so people aren't going to be spread too thin throughout all of the game modes. There are a lot more game modes/maps you can add, like the winter themed map or the swamp 1v1 map. It would make wilds a less monotonous and add a lot of diversity.

1). As many maps as rez wants can be implemented

2). Less boring, will keep people engaged

3). Might get players on wilds more. People will want to check if there's an event

4). More people can post map ideas that will really contribute to the game and actually have their idea accepted


1). Probably hard to make(i'm guessing)

2). Might not be that much of a bonus

3). People might not want to play on days without events

I'm probably overlooking some pros and cons, and many listed above may be unrealistic and prove not to be a problem/benefit.

I think this could really help the game. Thanks for reading

- Storm Crow

I like this, but it might be complex.

If it's too much work with too little good outcome, ditch it.

But there are possibilities........

- Tribal Battle servers (Hard to make probably)

- Obstacle courses (Might help noobs get more familiar with the mechanics of the game.)

- And more maps/gamemodes

Guys, please don't post ideas for maps in the comments. just make your own post.

Im just saying the possibilities.................

So many possibilities......................

What is the event for, like is there a prize or something or just for cycling maps and modes? Also it shouldn't be once or twice a week, the maps and modes would be exhausted. A better time period would be once every 2 weeks or so.

Maybe more coins/bones for players,

Maybe some different weapons that players without accounts can try out. Hey, maybe one event lets everyone try out the claws for a day.

Every1 with wands... or every1 with explosives kek. The explosives would LAG though

Or everyone with just fists, or NO fists, or just weapons, or no shields, or ...


Can you explain how to fight in "..." mode? I never saw this mode!

You fight however Rez wants you to fight.

Mostly they're just for fun and variety when playing. There would be rewards if the game mode is winnable, but if players are just fighting in a different map, then you'll get the same rewards as you would in the normal ruins. So yeah, it's basically just cycling modes.

Nice ideas guys

All explosives would be FUN :D

That idea's good, but with this people can still play ruins. Noobs might want to practice the game before playing in a different game mode. And this would(hopefully) be easier to implement.

this reminds me of hearthstone´s tavern brawl

also pretty good for ur first post keep the good work men you´re gonna go far

I like the events