Stupid charge attack

werewolf 7 years ago updated by savage doge 7 years ago 5


i was doing real well in the arena when suddenly i bumped into some noobs who repetitively used the charge attack. i got wrecked every time accept once. when they do charge attack into a kick it does not disarm them and the attack charges in a few moments. i am sure some one will put a reply on here telling me how to beat a charge attack but i already know all the tactics and tricks. but now i am only earn 17 coins per day compared to my old 34 coin's a day. 


make charge attack use stamina. also make it take 30% longer to charge up. last of all make it have a re lode of 5 seconds before it can be used again.

i'm sure that some legendary guy out there could beat them but i swear i could to without a problem if these rules were added. it is as close as the game gets to cheating.

sorry for posting this after my previous one but as soon as i hoped on the game it happened. also this is probably more of a bug (:

Charge attack use stamina,  and this is not small amount of stamina which this attack use. And one thing what you need for charge spammers is block. With good timing you can easily beat enemy who spam charge attack.

would be good :)