Your comments

yeah i had 148 bones and a bow user followed me ALWAYS even after killing him after 17 times

every game start from something

and it will need too start from something

it is a game whit great potantial

i tired the beta it is a great game even as beta


its automaticcly puted too idea i think

REZ said he will not add bomb shop because it would be too OP

i meant a hachet or a little bow would be NOICE but will only deal 1 damage

hachet will cut wood

seriously wand OP you just kick it back as well for the bow kick and block and special too hityour enemy

dude seriously

wtf i dont even farm and when there is new weapon i go farming you actually can get 4000 gold per month

so calm down boi

if its lowered what about rezoner hot dogs

its not new its olD!!!!!!!!!!

is there any mods?? nope is there any banning NOPE!!