While Rez is still AFK- How does everyone feel about the current weapon balance?

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Just wanna get an idea of the community's opinion. Do you think the weapons should be kept as-is or do you think certain weapons should be buffed/nerfed? Personally, I think the axe, hammer, spear, and wand are not quite up to par with the sword, claws, or bow. Which is weird because spear is just as expensive as sword.


lel, i love hammer. best weapon, no need buff it.

What about claws - now its shit. cuz a lot of players just use special, throw weapon, and run. Its awful

Spear need total re-balance


My opinion (not fightable!, just FACTS):

Spear = useless = the only weapon which special attack doesnt do any damage

Hammer = perfect 

Claws = okay = maybe refresh timer should be higher

Sword = perfect

Bow = OP = should cost more Stamia propably 30% more...bow guys just spamming arrorws and then run away...also if you draw your bow..you shouldnt be able to run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wand = OP = weaker magic but less Stamia




lol facts? The stats might not be great in some, but if you use it correctly it's definitely usable and possibly powerful smh. The fact that you say that your opinion is a fact is ridiculous lol.

Also, how is wand op? No srsly that's actually really confusing me.


Wand? OP? Hell no. If you just keep a wand user on their toes and keep them running, they won't have time to fire at all. And bow? You can just block/kick back the arrows! Plus if you get in REAL close and stay there, you can roll/kick/etc them to death. Goes for both ranged classes. Spear is indeed useless IN ARENA, but not in Fort. you can use it well for evasion and annoyance. Also, Ever Reaper is right, Your opinion is not fact.

~Seraph (also Seraph in-game, saving for angel wings)

~P.S: Your last post about "lowering the prices" was wrongly done. Rezoner needs to feed himself too, would 10 coins on each item get him anywhere? Not really, as players would beg him for more. Please, do make better topics next time. 


If something is unbalanced,than thats bow.Its reload is just too op,and damage too low.I d rather have bow with slower reload and higher damage.

that means you must have decent bow skills which only about 1 % of the community has (thats you and some other guys) resulting in less bow players

How you know?You didn't see me or you did and I just didn't notice.


I agree to the bow change. :v

Fast reload and low damage just feels like a no skill spam weapon to me, I'd rather show my skill rather than obliterate others with spam 24/7, which is probably why I mix close combat with it.......it just makes it more interesting.

Bow spamming is just bullspit to me,what does it worth if you can't even aim properly.That low damage and fast reload isn't realistic at all.The reason why bow is my go to weapon is that I can kill people easily with taking minimum damage or no damage at all without trading of any skills and still maintain them in good shape.I'm also at great risk of hepatitis in close combat cuz of blood which I hate.

seriously wand OP you just kick it back as well for the bow kick and block and special too hityour enemy

dude seriously

Wand isn't op to me at all,in fact,it's a bit lame fighting them honestly.


i thought u left

anyway, something should be done about claw special clipping to the sides and the spears weakness

Perfectly sums up what i think. +1


Well these are my thoughts on the weapons:
High tier:

Hammer, sword, bow (cough)

Mid tier:

Claw, but ever since the weapon attack slowdown, it's better to use sword. And....axe?

Low tier (but still usable and decent if used correctly):

Spear, ice staff (cough)

Hammer has strong damage, but slow attack, but since one hit takes about 1/3 of the opponent's health, it makes up for the slow speed. Powerful and one mistake from the enemy could ruin his thought of victory.

Sword is a balanced weapon, with normal speed and attack. It's special makes you invincible (cough explosives), so it could help you get away or give decent damage/knockback to the enemy.

Bow.....is dependable. If you suck at aiming (cough spamming), this might not work. If you know how to correctly use the bow at far/close combat, then you got yourself a pretty ok ranged weapon. (It's really good if you know how to use it :v) Make bow so that skill is needed. (make the charge slower and the attack stronger)

Claw lol. Nowadays I just see claw special spammers, but I guess there's some minor potential in it, though it's already been ruined after the attack slowdown "hidden" update. Meh. :l

I suppose....axe matters. To me it's a downgrade to the hammer unless you want to chop trees for gold farming or quest completing (or fire building) Its special is a decent ability in my opinion, because you can use it with your pin-rolling tactics (don't :v), or to just make a forced block for the enemy to go away from or something.

Spear has pretty bad stats overall, but its defensive properties are decent. If you know how to use it, it'll be a pretty decent weapon, though the bad stats will make it harder to use its increased range. If spear gets a buff (or a rework), expect me using it a lot (if the rework is good). Buff this thing :v

Staff is just for 2v2. The end. No discussion here smh. Bow is definitely better (cough spamming mechanics) than the staff. You can't just stand on ground and spam shards that could be avoided easily, and running while using it is definitely a don't. Although, you can do a tank+staff/bow combo in 2v2 for some decent strategy. Fix the staff mechanics smh

Well this is my opinion on the weapons, so just accept (or don't) my thoughts and go along. ish.


Ok, so it seems like most people think the spear and wand need a buff. Cool. Personally I'd like to nerf the claws special but that's just me (I hate using the claws as much as I hate playing against them).

Yeah, the bow is too strong, but it's not that much ore OP than claws. The only reason people complain about bow and not claws is because claws is so popular among the community that it's 'acceptable' for it to be OP, but bow isn't because the resurgence of bow players is new.

Whatt, the bow population feels about the same, and most of the claw players I found were claw special spammers, but mk. I only see the same old veteran bow players (not that many) or the people who try out bow and stop using it (or just not that gr8 (tbh) with it).

I think bow is fine, though maybe arrows shouldn't go as far to stop annoying snipers? Maybe?

And guys, if you don't chase bow spammers, and don't get angery, they won't get bones.

People that just spam bow are annoying, but won't get anywhere in life.


Yea,cuz' spam is just showing how ridiculous and awkward people can really be,and makes you more depend on the spam and not skill which is not good.They'd rather work on skills such as accuracy.Reload needs to be slower and damage higher.I mean,which people are that dumb to think that taking 4-5 arrows and still living makes sense?That's just not logical.



Here's a link to the idea by fonky(aguy) : 


You must really love spear,do ya'?

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