Mine shop

A R C A N I N E 7 years ago updated by Celebrimbor 7 years ago 19

You should add a shop to get mines from. PLS!


rope and bomb shop? ._. not good idea. Then people could really spam rope-bombs. What do u propose next? Grenade shop?

Instead,other potions shops could be added,but mybe not mirage ones since it'd be to op.

nah. maybe you could trade ONLY grenades for mines?


And add everything shops what are everywhere so if you throw something to them they drop all existing things in game xD

REZ said he will not add bomb shop because it would be too OP

o bomb shop would be way too OP because you can get bombs in exchange for anything so RIP fort gates

hell no, bud. Ropebomb is bad enough.

look I'm sure you didn't know what you were talking about when you made this post but to be honest, this idea is terrible! the reason there isn't a bomb shop is because 1:we don't need to make it easier to do ropebombing and 2: this would make it way to easy to destroy the fort gate, you know what? why don't we put in a chest shop too? you put in anything and you get a chest! thats a good idea! you know what? why don't I post that and push back other topics thats a GREAT idea! :()


sry, m8. but maybe you could REPLACE the rope shop? I want this for the quests, you know, kill 3 enemies with a mine?

it would still be way too op

Maybe reduce the mine damage. the rope-mine is so op anyway.

Take the String Shop to a mine shop? Honestly no. (My opinion.)

I meant it for the mine quests guys.

yeah you indeed need a lot of mines for that quest but having a shop just for it is a no-go

guys how does the star thing under my name work?

the thing that says -6.24 if u hover over my name

Average points. If you go on more than -50 points, you get banned. The more points you get, the more bullshit posts you can make to decrease your score, but I don't think it's good.

Nope, this would be a nightmare to deal with. Mines already drop too often.