Get ready for the next update.

Rezoner1337 7 years ago updated by Lacikanoel 7 years ago 28

I have decided to inform you about upcoming changes so you can get used to them mentally :)

The main goal of the next update is to reduce brainless attack spamming.

- Hold attack button to charge the weapon and launch alternative attack:
Charged meele = spin attack (360 degree, +1 damage)
Charged bow = arrow
Charged wand = projectile

- If you kick an enemy that is spamming the weakest attack you can disarm him
- If you are disarmed - you can punch - it deals 0.5 damage

- Without weapon you are slightly faster


Very interesting...

Can't wait for the wand!

I want to see how new mechanics work. And finally i see the wand is coming :]

The mechanics are gonna be interesting. Gonna change the few noobs

when it will come?

I want my waaaaand :D



When is it updated? :(


Oh my god... this'll be cool

But the question is how will we get ready ;) im sorry OK

Rezoner is the best present on the NEW YEAR AND CRISTMAS. And not you are not daddy of io game develiping... You are GOD OF IO GAME DEVELOPING!


VERY NICE! And uh, seva don't you think that's a bit excessive?

~Seraph, currently Doktor Tarot Dek Kek PhD

I'm already mentally scolded Rezoner

Could you give us an approx. date at least, please? :_(

His say *Soon* but his can make it jan 666 :)

Auch my brain hurts right now...

The members of the Vigilante guild are rather excited for your newest upcoming update. Much love and support for your diligent work and effort put into this game.

sois una hermandad española? podria ingresar?

OHOHOHOHOHO peoples vote better than CTF this is cool.

so buggy with this new wand weapon
bug started when hit multiple time against block player and spam attack button

Mhm really?

awesome like this (:

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