A little nerf of claws

Maldar 7 years ago updated by Vigilante Gaming 7 years ago 18

The special attack of claws cant be dodged or blocked


Nope, this attack can be blocked.




I slightly agree, I see people who almost entirely use the claw special attack in battle. And if you know when to use the special attack it can be pretty lethal, such as if you faint and then attack after the person has blocked. Also if you're an ax use your special does nothing when the claw special is engaged.

But yes, if you're skilled you can beat them, sometimes instead of blocking it's better to move away, depending on the scenario. Lately I've been entirely using ax; claws and staff seem to be my biggest nemesis. With the staff players tend to freeze you then throw their weapon dealing shit tons of damage. But again, if your skilled you can beat almost anyone just using the ax, you just need to try harder then them and their snazzy attacks. The arena is a great place to improve your skill. 

It can be blocked. The special is just sooo fast and sooo wide and sooo easy to spam. It needs a small nerf. But I guess it is understandable seeing as how claws are 4000 gold. I think the special's hitbox should just be more narrow in front of the player.


PFF i bought calws but they arent as good as you can think its sometimes hard to aim with special so im back to sword again ;p

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