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Patch Notes - What Changed?

Vigilante Gaming 7 years ago updated by Brai 7 years ago 9

Topic of Interest: Since the new patch notes are out, Rezoner (and staff) have added:

+ In-game Clash Mechanic+ Ping/Latency Counter

+ Projectiles now travel in a straight line.

+ Blood Splatter Mechanic

+ Emotes (T/Scroller) (#bringbackbue)

In this forum post, I will lightly brush over what each mechanic does and what could be done to improve the in-game addition of these features. The features will be discussed in top to bottom order.

In-Game Clash Mechanic: I feel that this mechanic is nice and a nice savior feature during a fight when its neck-n-neck, both players with a sliver of health left — it turns out to be rather enjoyable. As time goes on though it can get rather annoying that you have to block (again I am supporting this feature) over and over, why not when attacking, there is a 25/75 ratio for the clash effect to go into play.

• 25% for it to 'pass/disable' the clash affect registering a "lucky hit." This gives it a random feel to the games fighting aspect.

• 75% for it to proceed with the standard clash affect as the game intended. 

Ping/Latency Counter: I feel that this addition in particular is fantastic, it gives the player an aspect on their skill level and/or computer productivity while playing the game. This also relates the ping to the individual wilds.io servers, not to a random server that will differentiate your ping due to location differences. The only minor thing I would ever change to this feature is maybe make the text smaller, it tends to distract the peripherals mid-combat (at least that is the case for me).

Projectile Travel Style: To be honest, I was rather sad about this update, it made for some sweet bow shots that would curve around pillars and in between shops and I would love to have this implanted back into the game, but this is only my opinion and should not be taken as literal facts. But in all honesty, at some points in combat (especially with 5+ clones) it becomes overpowered. But if we can maybe manage it at a point where the ability only occurs when they have only one clone but once the player summons a clone the (I'm gonna' call) straight-line affect takes place where the arrows do not curve?

Blood Splatter Mechanics: I can already tell that many people like this feature, as do I. It adds a sense of "gore" to a pixel-based game that many games are unable to add. The only problem I have with this is the fact that the feature can't be toggled on or off to reduce lag/ping when in large swarms of combat. Maybe add the option to toggle it in the control change area?

Emotes: My all time favorite, harmless, and loved by all feature that made players have 'cute' expressions that are (if used properly) a great asset to helping your team protect/attack/defend an area such as the fort. Other times its used for fun and recreational ways, I'm glad we could #bringbackbue.


I personally disagree with curved arrows, it made the bow a lot less realistic(not necessary but) it also made it extremely broken with clone potions. Personally, I feel that wilds.io should have diversity, but arrows flying randomly just makes the game chaotic and at times, broken.

I can understand that point of view. Thanks for your constructive points, that helps out this post that much more!

Under review

I am thinking about making a bow for creative sniping and crossbow for strong straight shots.

Will have to think about clash thing, I am quite allergic to random mechanics.

I have just added particles limit - it may help - but I will also add option to even lower it.

Yeah, i also was thinking about crossbow as strong and slow weapon, like a hammer but ranged. 

I just noticed the grammatical error, apologies for any confusion.


It's really not big deal :p

Nice...That was a nice read !

you forgot that you cant shield the axe special anymore but the rest its good