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Już po chłopie... :(


"hard job with surviving" - welcome to hell :D

hold click : kinda like the ice stave because you have to hold down and uses stamina and continuously fires (not as fast as ice stave ) and does slightly more damage than ice bolts

This is not how the crossbow works.

They work as a coin sink

Rez, can you merge all recent "spear" topics?

Also, when one throws the spear (by pressing F), I will expect that it will go straight (like an arrow or knife). For sure it should not have such torque like the axe or the hammer.

This won't be a bad idea: :)

Clones and new arrow mechanics are probably just for april fools day :D

To be honest, the new mechanics of projectiles is a rape on physics ;)

Well, you should get used to the new weapon :D

In fact, bow is broken now. It's almost impossible to predict arrows motion, and also, kicking back the arrows has no sense at all (they will almost never hit the archer).