Hell mode - too many bots

Moms Spaghetti 7 years ago updated by Urosthebest 7 years ago 11

Hell mode is awesome, but one problem is that the bots are flooding the servers.

Because the bots react to your current move after a certain time, it is extremely hard to fight a crowd of them, even if they have close to no health.

I dont know why but the hell mode is being flooded by bots and although it is fairly easy to become a human because of that, I really cannot get a decent score past 50 when playing against players could get me 100+.

Rezoner, please remove the bots until the gamemode is incorporated into the actual game like you said.


the most shadows are players*

+ not getting pass 100 is not realy a problem. if you keep holding a good strategy you whil come higher and higher.

Well the whole points that its impossible now. Believe me i played like an hour straight, it only got harder as more players quit and bots started replacing them.

I didn't really notice until I startd getting pinrolled by them lol

Yeah when they get you in one spot whatever you do they counter, and since the only two things that the bots cannot counter are kick and charge which are both ineffective in group battles, its impossible to survive long.

well now they have more life soo.. we are screwed


I think this is too much llife for shadows, and because they can also pickup items like hp potion or armor, humans have very hard job with surviving.


"hard job with surviving" - welcome to hell :D

WOW. Just wow. Amazing.:o

yeah I agree... maybe more humans?

Well that would ruin the point i think..

"Ruin" badum tssss