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Let's discuss Spear balance

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Spear damage needs to be increased. Even if it's by a little bit, it still needs to be buffed.

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I like the idea of the special being able to pole-vault on an enemy in order to make them fall, and make it easier to escape if you are a spear main (even though it's not out yet).

Other than that, please don't just burst into rage because someone said something bad to you, respond with passive-aggressiveness or just don't respond because you know that something is basically the same.

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if every move you do in the game deals damage it get a 'lil' boring

how about just fall

im get triggered easily. thx tho


Perhaps that could be charge attack? Pulling in the enemy doing no damage?

Under review

It was meant to work like that but I have decided that adding rope item will be better than allowing only one weapon to use it.

Add the rope item, and also allow the use of the skill as conceived Problem solved.

Well spear special attack is now suprise :3

I think 1 damage is good for the spear. 1.5 is OK, but 1 seems pretty balanced. The pole vault skill should however knock people down dealing no damage. Just my thoughts :)


You could make a long reach on it like double what a sword,axe,hammer can do


Also, make it to ignore armor?

That would make it OP, but maybe slight armor penetration?

Maybe damage could be 3/4th of the sword?


Rez, can you merge all recent "spear" topics?

Also, when one throws the spear (by pressing F), I will expect that it will go straight (like an arrow or knife). For sure it should not have such torque like the axe or the hammer.

This won't be a bad idea: https://twitter.com/rezoner/status/707667953299357696 :)


Yes, I was thinking if it would be cool if thrown spear would have only 1 damage but it would have shield and hero piercing (cannot be blocked, and doesn't stop on a first target)


The idea is nice, but for that i would increase the dmg to 1.5 at least, you're THROWING away your weapon to try to hit something, after that you would be a bit vulnerable.

Under review

What do you think of giving spear damage on dashing - and longer dash compared to other weapons? I really would like to balance it by adding unique mechanics rather than making it axe-like.

It sounds good and cool, but also the charged attack could be something like a thrust and also the ultimate could at least stun or knock when it goes through the enemies.

Remember that this is the first "Pierce" melee weapon in the game, and on charged attack it does a move of a "Slash" weapon imo, but if you wanna make a spear "LuBu like" from dynasty warriors, it could have a bit bigger radius on charged attack. (Lu bu uses a halberd tho, not a piercing spear).

I think the special attack should damage enemies in small radius with 1 or 1.5 dmg and stun on the ground.

Also charge attack should be similar to dash but with shorter attack distance and can hurt multiple enemies in one direction.

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i think the charged power attack for the spear should be a very exaggerated lunge costing 2 times a normal charge attack of a axe sword though.

also maybe the people he skims would get stunned?


Spear should have a buff in damage

They should also block people who jump or roll into the spear if you attack

In a realistic perspective

Charged attack should also be animation that allows you to hide behind the shield completely protected (at the direction you are pointing.) to give the spear a defensive quality.

Spear charge attack: a thrust forward (greater distance, smaller hit radius)

Spear special: no change (maybe a small knockback to enemies that are landed on)

Throw weapon: faster, straight flying projectile with piercing (less damage)


spear is still kind of bad

This problem still hasn't been addressed...

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