Small spoiler about incoming things

Egzekutor 7 years ago updated by J4sh1n 7 years ago 50

Hello, I would like to introduce you to a small spoiler which contains some of the things that about I am currently working on and which will be added to the wilds soon.

I will not say everything because I do not want to spoil the surprise, but soon I will add here more results of my work and information on what will be related to new things. 

Image 1871

As soon as I finish other new projects, I'll share them with you, and in free time you can guess for what is this designed :)

Regards, Egzekutor



As a developer I want to say nothing of these is happening.

just kidding.

It will be a new game mode - like a zombie infestation - except with shadows (and it's not infestation)

cool bro, keep up the good work!

why a cross? i'm christian and well it could perhaps at least stand up strait?

It's one of older projects and first this was designed as sign of old battlefield.

soo.. that should be a sword?


Egze, you have to remember that there are playing people of other religion, so this could make them angry. ALLAH AKBAR!!!

No words xd

errrrr heh. so its a demon infestation mode with a fallen over cross. perhaps if that were the safe zone? and if the cross was standing upwards :)

hahaha very funny :)

Nice! Can't wait

YES!! Please do because this would work very well with the court yard of the fort  (If the fort was only made out of stone not wood).

If Rezoner ever opens a map designer tool to the players, i´ll make a church with this.

religioso pero peligroso | map tittle

Hey!! That's a fake sword of Excalibur!!!

it looks like a cross to me :/


Very good Egze

Under review

If you have ideas for making something special about graveyard let us know. One sure thing is that shadows will live there, but there is no other mechanics beside that.


In free time i thought also about something like magic portal which can works like summoner, and at time to time this portal will be open and monsters (shadows, maybe recolored goblins with horns and small tails designed as devils xD) will appear and attack nearby players. Players can't go throught the portal because this will be push them back, and maybe dmg?
For better effect you can put close to portal some lightings and maybe this can damage players close to portal.

It is sprite from game files so this should be not that hard to implement (i think). Also this is random idea from my head so this can be not good idea, but i hope it is good.

If it could be implemented you have to make they don't spawn close to end of the map, because if someone is touching line of the map and this portal is spawning in same place where he is, he can go out of the map.

Of course, but most of things on map is not close to borders.


Make the portal look like the one from Kingdom

I mean they stand upright so...

I like the original Kingdom portal, it would look cool in Wilds

Ok thanks. I was curious how it looks :p

The animation looks like a alien abduction!

i think that the portal should let out shadow players. players should be able to enter it. it should take them to like a small map which is like the old hell mode. but with purple ground and gems which non shadow players can collect. if you die from a shadow you become a shadow which can both defend the crystals and exit into the actual world to kill living players in the fortress map.

if you die while you are a shadow you reappear in the shadow dimension on a re spawn. each gem is worth 5 coins each but are special because they do not count towards your maximum coins per day. if all 100 gems are collected the portal then disappears. inside the shadow realm the crystals occasionally appear in random places. there is only one portal at a time and they are even rarer than ogres.

what do you think of that?

the picture in the post of the cross inside the wall area could serve as a safe spot which shadows cant enter. it could also make players regenerate health but only very slowly.

it has to be big, no that small, so we can go "hunt" the place, like an adventureyou can even put a cofre at the en of it, there you can fight the shadows and avoid the nega sand pit to get it. also i will liek to see a sword with a knight helmet were the ronk with the wood cross is, that simbolize the R.I.P knight helmet 


How much we'll pay for that DLC content?

3000 gold??? i say that cuz i have 3499 gold


That's evil, 3k gold? thats like 2 and a half weeks worth of grinding gold... I will most likely be free, but if there is going to be a price, it will most likely not be over 500.

I doubt it will cost anything XD


100 yeti furs.

I have 101 lol now gimme!

I see that the pre-sale begins well :D

2000 in-game gold coins for new DLC.


There should be a new shovel that you can use to dig up graves in the graveyard for bones, items, and coins. But, it would attract lots of shadows.


You have some places for training                                                                   X



                          X                                                                                                                    X


As i was promised, here is another part of things which i have already done. And for people who like eastereggz (bue) here you also can found them. I tell only one tip - Runes ;)

Can i spoil it? ;D

I would like to encourage the players to make small research and find out what is hidden :3

Magic runes?

Exactly elder futhark :p


As a developer I want to say nothing of these is happening.

just kidding.

It will be a new game mode - like a zombie infestation - except with shadows (and it's not infestation)

lul i want my yeti furs back!