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Probably you're missing the questions topics.

The Spike removing seems a nice temp-solution.
Another solution is disabling death in those 5 sec in-between rounds.

Also, this is labeled as an "idea" post, but it's a bug report one. Pay attention when publishing here plz.

Edit: I gave my +1 anyways.

I know how to open console, it's just that I couldn't do it yet because of the fast paced football matches I get into.

@Rezoner, you already fixed this bug once in the 3v3 arena quicksand map, plz fix it again. The exploit is now umbearable, too popular that every rank troll will do.

This camera shaking happened to me too. It occurs every time the camera can't focus on someone alive because all four players are dead. That means it only happens briefly between arena rounds.

+1 to this topic. They DO umbalance football games, with all the ball kick effect + push forward + stun enemies + fast and hard to block.

It would also be a great solution to the currently bugged football matchmaking coding. Rez seriously needs to at least check it. After all (as Herr H. said in this topic) a lot of users play football mode, including a many guests that are probably brand new players (that get very discouraged after a few defeats due to the umbalanced matching system.)

bug report date: december 12th, 2016.

(lol constant-running-sound-bug is now twice as annoying: it now features a baby crying, or sort of.
No, now seriously: her voice is ok now. Thank you, R.)

I'm very supportive of this idea. Always wanted a female hero in here.
Tho, her voice right now is like a squirrel's. It should be deeper.