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How many topics on forum?

Ukryty(Still alive 04 03 2021) 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 27

If you will look on number on right to "Ideas and problems" sentence, you will see... nah, here's the screenshot.

Image 2279
But when you look at community stats, you will see on right to "Topics" word number "3506". How many topics are in forum, then?

Also, I want to tell you I reached my main target. You can fire fireworks now, Steve!

Image 2280

I have more comments than Rezoner! (Hope I'll don't get banned for it :P) Target reached in 20.08.2017 10:19 PM CEST. Yay!

Why having top comments is that important to you?

Why is it so bad for you? I just wanted to have most comments and I did it.

Man don't you get it.It's awesome you achieved this on your own and I have no comply.I was just asking and didn't knew true behind all that until you made it all clear.And what's with that thought that this is bad for me cuz' I'm glad that you achieved what you always wanted so don't take my questioning seriously.

I take everything seriously if it's not ended with "xD" or "XD".

Jeez,chill.Also do you want to be promoted.

I was thinking that you can make your own squad.You can handpick up to 4 people.I mean,if you want,it's your choice.

You let me to make tribe what is under your control but I can do with it what I want?

It's a squad with up to 5 people handpicked by your choice.And you can pretty much do what you want with it.Just no drugs or hookers.

It's not tribe at all.

but registered as tribe, but under your control?

Registered as squad,not under my control,but within this clan.

I still don't understand.

Probably you're missing the questions topics.

No offense,but what's the main point of having most comments?

Maybe the number in the frontpage say the number of ideas and bugs but not questions...

Okay. BTW, Rezoner can't fix stuff on the forums.

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You are just introducing communication noise making the forum less usable than it could be. I have to read 2000 comments that mostly brings nothing to the gameplay. Which makes me avoid reading anything at all. This is a technical support forum not a chat.


rez 1 - ukryty 0


rez 1 - ukryty 0 - berserkerIL - 0


rez 1 - ukryty 0 - berserkerIL 0 - sushisling3r 0


What's that all about?