Another bug in arena...

ifram 2 years ago • updated by issa04 2 years ago 10

Aside from the bug that allows you to be invisible (cough cough M3rchant and Seraph cough cough) There is another bug:


After i lost a game (gg) The user who i was expectating killed himself in a pit, then the camera started going buggy and shaking through the map, unfortunately i dont have a screenshot/video but... it was kinda funny see the screen go into party-hard mode.


When you tie, this happens

tie? tie is a cloth. What's wrong with ties for you? Of course, if you aren't talking about TIE Fighters from Star Wars :D

He's probably wearing one right now?

It happens to me too...but i was in my phone.

Could be an earthquake in wilds.io

Maybe... 😉

i just had this bug, verryyyy super lagy

This camera shaking happened to me too. It occurs every time the camera can't focus on someone alive because all four players are dead. That means it only happens briefly between arena rounds.

Probabily this is the reason.

i think this needs his own sound effect... like screams and explotion sound.... it would be helarious