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Right, this really pisses me off. At this point we all know about it and some of you may even abuse it.

Either way its annoying AF. If you cant fix it at least remove the spikes.

Turn it back to how it used to be, nice and simple. No spikes, no worms. The worms can stay but the spikes really have to go. The game is not even playable when some little shithead turns invisible.

I know the devs are busy with the updates and what not, but I feel like I am losing a couple thousand brain cells every time I see someone turn invisible.

This has also been brought up several times and it was even said to be fixed at one point. 

This has to be fixed...that's why I don't play arena anymore.

The invisibility glitch? The way I worked around it is knowing that the person is always underneath the name. They are at an equal disadvantage to a certain degree. Know this rule and you'll win, trust me.


I know that, but I don't know when they are blocking... or if they are using their special attack. And before someone tell me to turn on my sound, I'm not a f*kcing bat and I have been playing without sound for a long time because I like to listen to music and unlike most people, those sounds are not second nature so even if I did turn it on it would not make much of a difference.

wait, you can hit invisible players? I thought you couldn't. I haven't played arena in a while...

Dude, you can't hit them while they are invisible but they can hit you. That is why it's being reported.



Why the Chinese?


You can hit them when they're invisible.

Bro rez fixed this with the bouncy animations but everyone complained so much.

Normally when i win a round in the arena that has a spike or a pit i kill myself as a way of celebration, but, i don´t remember that that thing happens and well, i turn invisible without wanting to do so.

I rarely turn invisible,but when I do,it's laggy as hell for some reason,like there was different before.

Well,+1 because I want that to be fixed.

Let's just chill aye? Rezoner is the only developer so obviously things will take time to come.

Rome wasn't built immediately, right?

My life wasn't built immediately right? Oh wait, that was my clothes....in wilds.io.

Everyone was noob is this game at beginning, and everyone was kids too.

I said I am aware of that, however.. this bug has been bothering me for a long time now, and its really annoying. Rez doesn't have to do much except remove the maps that have spikes in them. He can then re-introduce the maps when the bug is fixed. 

The Spike removing seems a nice temp-solution.
Another solution is disabling death in those 5 sec in-between rounds.

Also, this is labeled as an "idea" post, but it's a bug report one. Pay attention when publishing here plz.

Edit: I gave my +1 anyways.


Rezoner not even kidding...where are you???I haven't seen him be active in a while. Maybe rezoner is dead?!?! Nah. Pls fix this regardless rez


Pushed the update - is it gone?

Rez,you have everything to make it happen,rest is up to rest of the people.

Disguised, if you're reading this, pls comment on this. I gotta thank you for something.


Maybe I should of taken a calmer approach, anyway it worked! :D

You gave him gold for free? :(

It's never late to start thinking about life insurance!

alright m8. I gotta thank you because our little disagreement on userecho sorta pushed me to being more focused on arena. It's because of you I'm as high as I am. So thank you.

So has anyone experienced that bug in last two days?

It's fixed. Tested with someone from Russia (I forgot wilds is Firefox's enemy)