Football matchmaking problem

Tawreos 7 years ago updated by Knight of Rage 7 years ago 2

So, I've noticed that lately there's a problem at queuing:

Whenever two high-ranked players are in queue at the same time and number of players in queue is >8, then only the one with higher rank will get into game, and the other will be left out.

It has become clear to me because theres only a few players on top of me, so I rarely miss a game, even when there's 12/13 players in queue, I never miss a game (since my rank is higher than everyone elses in queue) -- EXCEPT when EDJI or hohoho (or whoever with higher rank) queues too: the moment they queue and number of players is 9 or more, I'm left out. If they don't queue, I never-ever miss a game.

Could you look into that? It's not allowing me to play with other high-rank players, because either I'm left out for my low rank, or they're left out because of theirs.

Also (since you're there), I think it would be fair if 1st rank were against 2nd & 3rd... first rank would be brown, second and third would be greys rivaling the first one, who is supposedly best player in the match.
(not that I have anything against hohoho, no no never.)

bug report date: december 12th, 2016.

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