Arena bug exploit??

fuck you all 7 years ago updated by Original PERRA 7 years ago 19

Ok I don't know if this has happened to someone else. I was fighting in arena in the map where there are pits with spikes all around the borders. I realised that if you throw yourself in the pit right after you won a round, the next round you appear invisible, so your rival can't see your health or what are you doing (blocking, kicking...). A guy did that to me and it's incredibly annoying -.- Sorry I don't have screenshots, but the next time it happens I'll post them.

His nickname is IDKFA / WAR?

I don't remember his nick but I'm sure it wasn't him, although as far as I know he seems to use that a lot...

pleased change your name. its kinda disturbing :/

I was scrolling down to post reply but I can't do it - this nick is disturbing me >.<

It has been reported many times already.

Might've been me by accident, I don't know

My ingame name is jashin

No mate it wasn't you. He did it twice on purpose. He clearly knew the bug and how to exploit it.

Sadly this bug still works. Yesterday i saw it again (>w<)


Rezoner should focus on fix that asap. Bugs should have more priority than everything else, specially those which the player can take advantage.

I agree...priority for the bug 😸

@Rezoner, you already fixed this bug once in the 3v3 arena quicksand map, plz fix it again. The exploit is now umbearable, too popular that every rank troll will do.

this is the problem, he tried to fix it by making that boince effect... which was horrible for the current game, that animation reseted the sprites and "help" the players by not letting them get invisible.... or at least.. that was what rezoner kind os said... i dont think it worked

Bump and also i do this everytime without noticing lol.

This bug has been around for quite a while. Works in some other game modes too. For example, soccer. You get killed as the next round starts, your camera will follow the ball, you have no health bar, and no helmet. Rez pls fix

that bump tho


ehm..... when this will be fix it?

When this will be FIXED? I don't know.

oh yes, fixed, I don't know why I put fit it, maybe phone hahaha


Please, could you fix it, Rez? It would be wonderful.... when this will be fixed?