Rezoner, you are realy plan to make it survial game?

Seva Kotletki S Pureschkoy 7 years ago updated by Moms Spaghetti 6 years ago 13

I will be realy happy when you add a chopable trees, Deers with hunt. In this video you can see you can *build* a houses. And players can stole your logs.

Youtube video

And yeah THIS IS NOT IDEA. No one is say One guesion per week ))))))))))))))))))))

And yeah, be cool when you post this game like techno demo of SUR game. Players can play now.


this was the very old old version.

but chop able trees could be re added to the game. perhaps players could earn coins by selling the wood at the shops in the game.

old version awesome!

Yeah, old version is to much AWESOME!

Palisades, palisades... Why not creatable?

old version better than new version

WHAAAAAT's THAT? Clone? lol


It's the other way around. I have been creating a survival game about running a tribe and I have butchered it down to fighting mechanics and released it as wilds.io - it's not very likely that wilds will turn into such game but I am not saying that no survival elements will find their way into the wilds.

Seriously wasnt he banned?

But this version was discarded?

Hey Seva Your BİO Banned Change