New boss idea

Seva Kotletki S Pureschkoy 7 years ago updated by berserkerIL 7 years ago 10

Another idea for boss *You dont need to add him his to much bloody and carnage Wilds.io is a "child game "

WARRIOR OF CARNAGE His summon him self 9 mins gameplay and his will spawned in chat will mesage *massacre started* STATS HP need 30 hits to kill with all weapons. Damage his will kick you and you will knock down. Skeleton tentacle swipe and deals 5 damage. Sword-Knife attack deals 3 5-7 damage. REWARD 30 bronze coins. 20 silver coins, and 10 golden coins. This his looks like


Rezoner said he will not do boss fight

stop spamming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


HIS SAY do not plan to add any bosses at the moment - it's P2P game first -* if I resolve things like clans, grenades, shurikens then I can think about adding monster bosse

And this is just idea! ! and i say his dont need add him his to much bloody and carnage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The two are right, but seva we have to stop giving ideas of the bosses because for now Rez will not take them into account