Uh i have 1000 ideas for this awesome game and i have this one small idea Rezoner listen!

Seva Kotletki S Pureschkoy 7 years ago updated by Moms Spaghetti 6 years ago 14

What about fist? some like when you trhow weapon you can hit peoples with fistes *one hit =half damage for balance* EEEEM... END

PLS enjoy i this easest idea pls pls pls!(づ T T )づ

I want to Rezoner the grand Poland game developer, take one my idea and make this...(づ T T )づ

AAH ok do you like idea?


This if he understood, I was referring to what he explained in the subject


sorry i from spain and my inglish is bad, i don't know you write

Take a Spain translete Uh tengo 1000 ideas para este juego impresionante y tengo esta idea pequeña Rezoner escuchar!¿Qué pasa con el puño? Algunos como cuando trhow arma que puede golpear a la gente con fistes * un golpe = medio daño para el equilibrio * EEEEM ... FIN