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Yeah, I feel you there. 

My main is two stars, but I find myself fighting two arrows sometimes. I mean, not complaining about the easier points here, but it doesn't quite seem fair for them. 

And then sometimes I find myself fighting the rank just below skull that comes after sword (I dunno what it's called). Maybe I'm just whiny, but it doesn't seem particularly fair to me to get my ass kicked to the curb by these high-ranking veterans. 

I rather disliked the Hunger Games books and even more so the movies

But this is goddamn brilliant

*gasp* Someone just said something in a different language. I'm an ignorant fool who can't use Google translate, so I'm going to sit here in my comfortable chair and cry.

Read the idea again

Pff what a noob Pacific timing

Try Atlantic timing scrub

Oh okay thanks

 Shiru, with all due respect, if he was an actual hacker he wouldn't need to use weapons to win. 

"Noobish". Coming up with words on the fly. I like that. Pegias, right? 

I don't know how to break this to you, but cancer isn't infectious. 

I am relatively new on Wilds, and have never heard of badges before. What are they?

Great idea.

So in other words: 

If I use the honorable strategy, I'm an idiot. 

And if I use the intelligent strategy, I'm a coward. 

A real catch-22 you set up here