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well, spag and trix are gone.  will there ever be a way to get badges again?


The badge permission might reassigned. If Spag and Trax don't come back, two other people will have to do their jobs. Either way, you and some other people will have to wait.

i offered to hand it to you but you disappeared too :(

The sexy badges don't matter... And Yea, with those two gone...

I'm guessing Egg or Rez can do it

I am relatively new on Wilds, and have never heard of badges before. What are they?

da blue square

Badges are little symbols next to your name. You get them by accomplishing something. The blue squares are for training people, the white/silver squares are for editing the wiki, the orange square is for Patreon supporters, the baby blue square with the check mark means you're verified, the brown square with the hammer means you're a developer, and the black square with the eye means that you're the creator of the game.


Oh okay thanks

A guy asked something about badges and you all answered bad... But you are answering a bad answerer cyber-bully's good. TRY TO RESPECT.