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The staff video is not a problem. I don't understand you. You can see how weapons work in the Practice mode.

Antiques and history are what makes us what we are!

I was there these times, too... It have changed a bit. :D

Yes... sadly :(

It happened to me one time, like three months ago. Weird thing :D

Ohhh... I don't know what to say... so we could copypaste our ideas from the old one?

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! For da Grots! For da Warboss! Smash'em!

Your idea is also nice, but 

1. There would have to be way more goblins (or they will be killed before getting to any item )

2. They would have to drop items after death.

Still +1.

P.S. Maybe let's add some Orks?

Lest hunte sem surwiwers! -1

Remember. You have to.