Where will the forum stop?

Phroenix BR 6 years ago updated by Ruby Rose 6 years ago 15
Honestly, I'm horrified by some people on the forum, simply because they're reliving posts 1-3
years ago, that does not make sense at all, and this helps the forum get even messier and also
messes up the new posts. In my opinion, The Forum should have a filter in which posts older
than 3 months could no longer be Favored or Commented.
Ops: This post has make with the help of Google Translator.

lol, 2 noobs that make it has been desliked -lol


there are great posts from the past that should be remarked so no

Dude, what do you think happens if a 3 month idea was seen by rezoner?

what do you mean?

For example, you posted an idea, rezoner reviewed your idea and gave no comment, 3 months later someone revives your OLD post, several people like [For example 3-10 people] More Rezoner anyway does not implement your idea, that's it what I mean.

usually rezoner accepts or declines topics that he sees while reasoning his decision. If he does look at a post and not review it then reviving it (especially if it has lots of upvotes) will motivate him to accept or decline it


Actually better is bump old post instead of creating new one about the same. Less posts on forum = easier to find specific ones.

I'm sure 99.9% of the forum does not think about looking for an old post that has the same purpose as their idea.

also no need to mention the forum is quite empty. no new posts in days, so filtering them down will leave an empty front page


New forum is on the way.

Ohhh... I don't know what to say... so we could copypaste our ideas from the old one?

great to have you back mr Rez, missed you

Hoping for more active forum users to continue the forum though.

I smell rotten... thinking...