Make the Goblins Great Again!

Zagłoba 7 years ago updated 6 years ago 30

Goblins are weak. And everybody know it. And everybody can kill it. How to make the goblin race great again?

The answer is simple: create more species (without deleting the old one)!

1. Goblin Warior - carryng a tomahawk or stone sword dealing a half of axe's damage and a light shield. 3x more health than a normal goblin. Wearing a simple steel helm with spike on top  and stripy red-white pants on harness clips. Killed will drop some stamina/health balls and gold.

2. Goblin thrower - carrying a pouch full of rocks. He will throw them to players and deal a half of arrow damage. As many health as normal goblin. Wearing leather vest and cloth instead of pants. Killed will drop one-two stones and some stamina/health balls.

All of them will also go out from the Goblin Hut from an awesome King Voldoran's topic (https://wilds.userecho.com/forums/1-general/topics/4133-goblin-spawner-hut/).

Another good (in my opinion :]) idea is a new territory of the Fort map, the Goblin Forest.

I think I don't must explain how can it look.

Please, comment and leave thumbs up or down, depending on your opinion.

Imć Zagłoba


Goblin which can throw rocks is very interresting idea. One of better ideas in last days i must say.  

Yea it sounds lit.Though they could have way more hp.Maybe I can draw their samples,man.I mean if you want,off course.Still +1

Why more hp? They can be as agile and fast as a normal goblin and scape from the player.

Ok but still it doesn't take that much skill to put goblin down so more hp wouldn't be bad.


Please no. I hate these things


Why not?!Those things aren't any challenge so buffing them or making new types will make game more tense.

I like it, but I feel that this brings Wilds.io more like other games. Wilds.io is unique cuz the AI isn't as much of a matter, more the other players, though it IS there to annoy you.

Sorta takes out and puts in too much of the barbarian mode :/

Oh, come on. It's only a game. And there are some monsters in-game already, but very strong. 

I think more goblins will bring more dynamism to the game and make aiming more difficult for bow snipers.

And there are more big creatures than small.


i also liked the exploding one suggested by hooded black

Kamikaze goblins...? God no.

And that "allah akbar!" sound from this goblin when he is going to explode.

Pls stop that joke.


Kamikaze goblins...? God YESSSSS.


It would make sense if the goblin warrior was slightly slower than normal goblins because he's encumbered by armor and stuff

Nice idea.

Just what the hell is that for?!

Shhhhhh, i'm hunting bunny wabbits productive comments

Well,hunting ground is empty as all hell now.Well there are only shittcomments and toxins you can shoot down in order to bring balance to system.

Thanks for making it that way friend, at least there isn't shortage on things to shoot at, but I have far from a shortage of ammo.   Hollow point rounds just for you.

12 gauge sawed off shotgun,I suppose.

somebody bumped this and then deleted the comment


Yeahh... I really don't know who could do this ;D

doesnt matter cool idea


Shit, I'm was thinking about similar idea month ago.But i think goblins have to pick up items to transform in other species: potions to transform in warrior, throwing - to thrower (logic).


ooooh I actually really like that idea


WAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! For da Grots! For da Warboss! Smash'em!

Your idea is also nice, but 

1. There would have to be way more goblins (or they will be killed before getting to any item )

2. They would have to drop items after death.

Still +1.

P.S. Maybe let's add some Orks?