Old Times Event

OnderaZ 6 years ago updated by Gorilla/Gori2 6 years ago 5

Who lived the old wilds.io know how were good times, those who don't come back, through no fault of the game, but, I don't know, we were just newbies discovering a new world. For me, the second map of ruins was the best of all, I still miss him, that's why, thinking a little bit, I thought it was a good idea to add an event that we bring back this old map. It could last two weeks or even a month, just to give us a nostalgia, and for new players to see what were the old days. Or demand
they return with the old mechanics, maybe, it depends on the developers.Wilds.io really need some events, and this could be the first step. I don't think it would cost a lot to do, I could be wrong, but I wish we could play again like old times.

Let your opinion below! :)


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could also create a wilds 2 (totally old wilds) to remember the old days without plowing in the current wilds

I was there these times, too... It have changed a bit. :D

How can you talk about old times without mentioning the berserker ,normies....ruins were soooo late in the game