Just Another Bug

shad7 6 years ago updated by kanguror 6 years ago 5

Well, mhmmmm when i play wilds.io, this happens sometimes

Image 3230

Me and all in game becomes "ghosts" (this don't happens with some peoples). 

I like it because i have much lag 250ms, and with this bug, go to close of 150ms xD, weird, but good.

Other picture: 

Image 3232

Image 3233

Image 3236xD. I do not know why this happened, but the last time it happened, I had a black screen and the game came back up, but with this bug.

some phrases i used google translate

i see this bug for the first time. idk maybe it has something to do with your PC/internet connection?

hmm probably is the PC, the internet is normal

It happened to me one time, like three months ago. Weird thing :D

it happens to me sometimes when my ping is over 100 but it usually loads later on