Soccer game ALPHA

Rezoner1337 6 years ago updated by OnderaZ 6 years ago 7

Ahoy everyone,

If you'd like to try my new soccer game follow this link https://soccer.instantonline.io/

There is also new forum to try out so please report bugs there.

For now there is only EU server but I will add US soon. 

Thanks :)

Wilds.io is also moving to my new platform (Instant Online) soon.


I think match have to fill with bots, if waiting time is more than 3 minutes

*gets brutal football flashbacks*


I truly enjoy rezoner games, and also be sure to add AS servers. After that I will be back recruiting more AS players. Thankyou.

your soccer (cough cough football) game is empty. however i think once your create your platform for all your .io games youll have a combined playerbase (although im afraid youll get them all divided between your own projects, who knows)