football leaderboards

Mr Soccer aka Virtuoso 7 years ago updated by Sheepie 7 years ago 6

Sava samuray, the guy in 2nd spot on 5927 never loses any ranking, for 3 months now. Supposed to lose 1% per day. Also I think it is miscalculated for me, I seem to lose 120, I should only lose 70. 0.01*7000 = 70.

This is still a problem, someone went on the account and it got bumped to 5808 but didn't go any further. Plus this shows just one login moved 5927->5808 which is more than 1%

Skilnox in the arena does not lose arena points

What's up with him?Did he broke the game or something?

the game broke itself

I dont know.  I heard some stuff about him cheating a while back but idk.

never noticed that since i dont spend much time doing football but Rezoner needs to see this +1